Who am I – Thats me



go for it - It´s never to late The future i´s now

Im trying to make Blackkeymultimedia to be more than Just music, of course it is Music.. it is a lot of fun with playing and composing music for my “Blackkeymultimedia” but it is also my brand name for my entire artistic expression through music, photography and digital Art. I have desired to do what i felt i had to do in the first place CONTINUE further and further behind what I can see today. I want to tell you that I’m exited to make electronic music with a touch of ANALOG feeling – Im inspired of some of my favs from earlyer years as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple etc. but if you as of my opinion il got to mix that genre with an electronic touch – Can you follow the thought with me …

“A dream can become reality through music”


Here is á short video about a spesial prosess i did with á coconut and my digital camera. 

The music for the video and all the pictures is produced and recorded in my studio at home

A pictureexpedition


This creation is about “me and me” (hehe)…
The sigaret smoking man is all about creating a contrast between the innocent baby and the aging man
Me (Lasse) taken 2019

I remember the beginning of the mobiletelephone era when my mother sent me this picture of myself as a 1 year old baby! I love it… both the photograph and the mobile phone! Imagine what the last 20 years of technology have done on the photofront (wooow, it ́s awesome) – I challenge you to go out and find some motives and give it a try 📸 With love from Lasse 😀

I wish you all the best for the future,  please dont hesitate to contact me ❣️

Take Me Forward / Music by Lasse Niemela

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